The Shea disrespect: 29 British, Black Owned, Hair Care Brands to support

March 29, 2018

Another day, another tone-deaf advert.

We've seen the natural hair movement spread far and wide across the world with billions of beautiful black women learning to embrace their natural tresses, so you already know how black women feel about natural hair and the products we use. You will also know how we feel about the whitewashing of hair care brands and texture discrimination, which we've been very vocal about across our platforms.


This concern of ours included Shea moisture, and we brought this up with them (via twitter) a few months back after noticing the drastic change in their strategy since launching in the UK in 2015. Dealing with the UK's PR team we were assured that Shea Moisture will keep Black women at the forefront and were even invited to work with them.


Shea Moisture, a family-owned business, inspired by a grandmother who sold Shea Butter in Sierra Leone, prided itself on empowering and meeting the needs of black women by producing products suitable for curly, kinky and coily hair. The brand become successful due to the support of the black community and got a lot of exposure due to it being popular amongst Natural Hair bloggers who would review and recommended Shea Moisture as the number 1 product for natural hair.



On Monday 24th April 2017 Shea Moisture released a 60-second ad as part of their “#EverybodyGetsLove” campaign. The message was, "Break free from hair hate," and featured white women with straight hair and a mixed raced woman with loose curls. The ad was intended to demonstrate the challenges that women face with their hair, which doesn't typically fit with the norms of "beauty", but it seems a whole demographic of women were missing. The same demographic which supported, championed and gave the brand the success it has today. It seems we can never have anything for ourselves without the inclusion of 'All'.


'Inclusion isn't the problem. Exclusion is'


Richelieu Dennis, the company's founder and CEO, told CNNMoney that women of colour continue to be the company's focus...They later pulled the ad and released an apology, “Please know that our intention was not — and would never be — to disrespect our community,”.



Sidenote: The award to the funniest meme goes to @whatharveymemes


But the Black Community weren't impressed. Many tweeting that they would no longer be using Shea Moisture products, or that they are throwing them away, with others echoing that 'SHEA MOISTURE IS CANCELLED'.


We felt that it was necessary and a crucial time to highlight other black owned hair care brands that you can support and spend your coins with in the UK. (Click image to be directed to the website)


1. Almocado 



2. shea butter cottage


3. flora & Curl 


4. afrocenchix




5. sunu ker


6. trepadora



7. shea decadence


8. aviela

9. boucleme

10. i love afro


11. joliette


12. anita grant


13. root 2 tip


14. the afro, hair & skin co


15. mane divas


16. yako beauty


17. modie 


18. curly by nature


19. crown pride


20. hug my hair


21. log cosmetics


22. pure goodness


23. shetai hair care



24. ziyanda beauty


25. natural health harmony


26. my curls

27. big hair



28. primal beauty




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