Yako - Review and Demo

'The inspiration for Yako came in 2013 when Rahma, Yako founder, was looking for natural hair products that would address her hair loss, which she was experiencing after childbirth'.

We love hearing personal stories behind the creation of a brand and are so impressed with this brand Rahma has created. Her idea was simple, if you wouldn't put in inside of your body, then why put it on your hair.

Yako products contain at least 90-100% natural ingredients which is always a bonus. Other bonus's include the look of the packaging, it definitely has the premium factor to it, and we think Rahma is onto a winner with Yako.

Lets Curl Up Defining Creme- with Avocado Oil- £15.99

Styling cream that works with every hair strand to prevent humidity whilst providing hold, control and definition. It has a gel-crème consistency.

Tri absolutely loves this defining creme. On freshly washed hair, she initially begun styling using both creme's, but as she worked her way through her kinks it was evident that the Defining creme had much more of a lasting impact.

This most likely is due to the product providing hold and control. Due to Tri's hair being thick and quite coarse, heavier products that have a thicker consistency is always a winner. In the video you'll see the healthy shine of Tri's juicy twists.

Tri's hair felt well moisturised with no need to add any additional products on top. I can't wait to try other styles using this creme, and will of course thick of way to incorporating the smoothing oil in creme.

Smoothing Oil-In-Creme with Macadamia Oil- £15.99

Is a rich and creamy botanically-infused multi-use crème infused with coconut oil, macadamia oil and olive oil. It is rapidly absorbed into hair fibre and can be used daily to moisturise and tame flyaways, define, de-frizz, twist-out, all while adding shine whilst providing UV protection.

Jay feels that both cremes work well together on her hair. She uses the Let's Curl Up Defining creme on damp/wet hair first as a leave-in as it feels lighter in consistency than the Smoothing Oil-in-creme. The smoothing oil-in-creme is thick and rich. It seals in all of the moisture from the Defining creme as well as adding some more.

The smell of the products aren't something to write home about but they both do the job very well. Though I use both cremes, I believe I could use either one of the cremes on my hair and they would definitely keep my hair moisturised, perhaps just not for as long.

My hair remains moisturised for 3-4 days at least depending on how I style it. Yako products are packed full of moisture and goodness. They don't leave a crunch but leave my hair soft, bouncy and shiny. Definitely a product that could be a staple in your routine.

Watch below for more information on how we both use the products!

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