Jay's 4 fave Revlon Realistic products

If you're a subscriber to our channel a.k.a. a real one, you would have seen my review on Revlon Realistics Black Seed Oil line of products!

The line is quite expansive so here are my favourite products that I recommend you to try:

•Strengthening Edge Control•

This product smells great and does what it says on the tin. It's clear so perfect for all hair colours. If the laid look is what you want then I recommend you slick your hair using this product and a bristle brush/toothbrush and set it with a satin scarf for some time. Your hair will emerge sleek and smelling good!

•Strengthening curl revive•

My hair drinks this up and I've used much more than I thought I would, even using more than one bottle! I use this everyday to moisturise my hair. This is another product with a great smell and it's a good refresher for the curls! I did, however, transfer it into a more user friendly spray bottle.

•Strengthening shampoo•

I really like the consistency of this product! It's gloopy and moisturising, we all know I can't stand a squeaky poo (a shampoo that leaves your hair squeaky clean and stripped) and this product is definitely not that so it works great on my hair.

•Strengthening Conditioner•

The conditioner is a great follow-up product to the shampoo, it's thick and moisturising and has the BEST SMELL of all the products. It smells so fruity and my hair smells the same after using it. It works well as a deep conditioner and I use it frequently when steaming!

The whole Black Seed Oil rang is affordable and a great line to stock if you're not into mixing and matching products. If you're hesitant to spend money on the whole line, try one of the products I've mentioned to give you insight into the line!

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