Hair Steaming & Deep Conditioning.

Steaming your hair allows you to add moisture to your hair in a safe and healthy way. This method promotes healthy hair growth. As you know when your hair does not receive any moisture and is dry it will become dull, brittle, and break. We want to minimise hair breakage and work on strengthening the hair, and steam is a perfect way to do that in conjunction with a deep conditioner

Deep conditioning is exactly what it says on the tin. It's a deep treatment to condition your hair, allowing products more time to penetrate the hair shaft and much more effective than any leave-in or regular conditioner that you rinse out.I


  • Conditions your hair strands

  • Prevents breakage

  • Repair any damage

  • Provide a plethora of moisture

  • Adds moisture

  • Healthier looking hair

  • Balance of protein

  • Hair looks shinier

  • Adds more elasticity

The above highlights that deep conditioning is a necessary step for anyone who seeks to reach their healthiest hair goals possible.

So imagine all that goodness of deep conditioning combined with steam...

Benefit of steamers whilst deep conditioning is that the moist heat encourages blood flow to the scalp, and helps increase the flow of natural oils produced by your scalp, but most importantly it will lift the hair cuticles and allow the ingredients to absorb faster.

Here tri shows you how shes used her Curls & Co steaming to deep condition and pamper herself.

Here are Tri's top 3 Favourite products to Deep Condition my hair:

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