Beauty isn't a size: Ibere Apparel

This jumper just spoke to my soul.

I've always felt beautiful and never needed anyone to validate that, regardless of my size. Personally speaking, being plus sized (Size 16-18/ XL) my weight/ size has never really been brought up or highlighted in a negative way. So I do feel like i'm cheating a little when I talk about how confident I am in my skin, as I, uncommonly, have never had my confidence knocked down by bullies and haters. I think my fierceness as a young black girl never made me a target to be honest.

I'm not really one for showing skin, and I certainly was under no obligation to do so for this post, but being someone comfortable head to toe and being a wannabe photographer, that equated to my own mini photoshoot (as you do).

Now let's not confuse 'comfortable/confident' with 'happy/perfect'. I have my down days, shopping in some stores makes me wish I was a size 10 so that I can wear those cute pair of shorts, and I certainly make an effort to be the best version of myself possible, so there's always room for improvements.

Beyond the pretty pictures, receiving this jumper from Ibere Apparel definitely sparked a little flare in my mind as I thought about how important it is to 'F standards of beauty', we hear phrases like this all the time, yet it is still hard for some people to implement it into their lives, which doesn't come as a surprise. Especially with the rise of social media, scrolling for hours seeing all these 'hot bods' on your timeline, it's hard to then look at yourself in the mirror and feel good about yourself.

My advice is...DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF. Why put yourself through that mental torture when (in this instance) it can be avoided. I make a conscious effort to not follow pages and people that don't reflect me, so that goes for my skin, hair, size and shape.

My life motto is 'Fake it 'til you make it'. I learnt very quickly that when you carry yourself with a certain confidence, others notice and pick up on the vibe and energy that you give off. So even on the days where my confidence may have been low, often i don't show it; business resumes as normal, and I really feel this also contributed to the person I am today- a carefree black girl.

The positive message on this statement jumper is a necessary one. I feel so empowered wearing it, now I don't need to rely on the 'confident energy' that I put out. This apparel speak for itself...

Click the picture to shop at Ibere Apparel

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