New- REVLON Realistic Black Seed Oil

If you guys are subscribed to our YouTube Channel, then you already know that I have tried the Revlon Realistic Black Seed Oil range and gave you all my first impressions. Since, I have continued to use the whole range on my hair and must admit that the range has grown on me.

For anyone who hasn't yet seen the review i'll bring you up to speed on the brand...

REVLON Realistic have introduced a New hair care range, designed for naturals! created by Amka Health & Beauty Products International, a company based in South Africa, who have licensed the name Revlon Realistic from Revlon. This means that this is a seperate brand to the REVLON we know, seperate team, seperate testing, seperate budget and seperate research. scientifically claiming to make hair up*74% stronger with specific products.

What Is Black Seed oil (and its Benefits)?

Derived from the fruit of the Nigella Sativa flower, the Black Seed has emerged as a skin, hair, and health healing resource. Numerous studies have proven black seed oil to be one of the most efficient ways to tackle hair loss. This is mainly due to the thymoquinone it contains and is only one of the many different uses of black seed oil.

Black seed oil soothes scalp and strengthens hair. Since it is anti-inflammatory,black seed oil is great when diluted with a carrier oil to soothe scalp conditions that cause inflammation, flakiness, and sensitivity and creates stronger roots. Strong roots reduce hair loss and oil infused hair becomes visibly thicker and fuller.


Full Range

Revlon Realistic’s range consists of seven products:

  • Strengthening Shampoo (sulphate free)

  • Strengthening Conditioner (Intense Moisture)

  • Strengthening Curl Revive

  • Strengthening Curling Custard

  • Strengthening Butter Crème

  • Strengthening Twisting Puddling

  • Strengthening Edge Control


I began by wetting my hair and applying a small amount directly onto my scalp, massaging in until it lathered. I feel as though this shampoo does it's job on the first application and I didn't feel a need to repeat so i proceeded to rinse.

I like that this shampoo does not strip my hair and in fact leave it feeling soft and moisturised.

After using on multiple wash day occasion I have noticed a reduction in shedding during the washing period which is great, the strengthening abilities the products claim to have seem to be legit.


this conditioner had the best slip, I really love the consistency (thick) great for type 4 hair especially and it distributes nicely.

I apply this directly onto my strands and leave for 5- 10 minutes, sometimes covering with a plastic cap. I feel that even when I don't cover it, it still does a great job and leave my hair feeling super soft making it easy to detangle and looking shiny and healthy,

I'm still not a massive fan of the Black Seed Oil smell. When you first apply it, I find it a little overbearing, fortunately it doesn't stay that way and the smell doesn't linger too much at all. Plus after all have you seen the benefits of Black Seed Oil....I'll chance it!


Nobody wants to leave a grease print behind them, and that's why you need this product, Non- greasy heaven in a bottle. This is a great strengthening product to rejuvenate the hair. I felt like I would skip this step on a wash day, but certainly use it to refresh my curls during the week

I have gone back and forth with these products, desperately trying to find the difference between the three when applied to my hair, consistency yes, however I can conclude they all do the same thing and get you the same result, trust me i've tried, so pick one, any one, and you won't be disappointed.


The Revlon Realistic website suggests some great combos for £15.99/ £16.99 if you are struggling to decide which one to get...check it out Here

These products add so much shine to my hair (non greasy) and leaves my hair feeling really moisturised. I apply this in the shower after detangling or deep conditioning whilst my hair is still damp. I find that applying it this way really allows the product to penetrate my strands and leaves my hair feeling amazing. I think i'll keep this as a staple.

...And here are my results after using the tension mention with a blow dryer and finishing my bantu- knot out.

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