Undoing deep mental conditioning

Before you go natural; you have to be in the right frame of mind.

It's important to understand that up until now, a lot of what you know/think about your hair may be a lie. Until the recent tidal wave of bloggers/vloggers spreading information, the majority of information and opinions on naturally textured hair is/was formulated from a Euro-centric perspective and so needs to be disregarded. You will need to realise that:

  • Natural hair is not ugly but beautiful, and in fact is the most versatile hair on the planet.

  • Following straight hair practices will not benefit your hair and could even damage it

  • Your hair needs TLC

  • All types of curl pattern are beautiful

Once you internalise these points and start to put faith in your own beauty, confidence will follow. It's such a good feeling to believe in your own beauty and not require validation from anyone, especially people who do not understand your beauty.

The best way to achieve a change of mindset is to change your environment. This will reprogramme your standards of beauty and soon your perception of your reflection in the mirror will change. To change your environment you can:

  • Follow pages on social media that promote natural hair and natural black beauty

  • Follow youtube accounts that show you how to care for your natural hair.

  • Attend natural hair events.

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- Issa Rae

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