​KINK was our first collaborative project since Curlture was founded in 2014. It is a multi media adventure that includes Videography, Photography and Poetry which leads to the finished product being a self published book.


About the Book:

KINK combines powerful quotes and uplifting poetry with sultry, vulnerable yet striking imagery of black females whom possess skin tones, hair styles, ages and hair textures that rarely shine in the media. We wanted to capture, highlight and reinforce the wide spectrum of black beauty across the diaspora and create a book which can be passed through generations to come.

The Launch:

On the 10th December 2016 we opened the doors at Hackney House, Shoreditch and welcomed Melanin Royalty in to witness the birth of KINK. The evening was beyond our wildest dreams, guests encountered some of the images from the publication and an exclusive screening of the behind the scenes, KINK documentary. We had inspirational and empowering spoken word performances, giveaways from black owned businesses and a book bag filled with fabulous goodies.

Our party was sponsored by Design Essentials

Check out all of the images from the night  on our Facebook page by clicking the image below:


“Clap your hands, if you believe in Black Magic” is the opening line of KINK. Jay and Tri, I applaud you. Before the reader gets deep into the book, we already become aware of the celebration and joy this book gives, giving an open invitation to anyone who wishes to travel the pages of KINK to witness natural black beauty in its purest form.  Whilst speaking with Jay and Tri, we discussed how nearly three years of blogging for Curlture has brought them to the launch of their book and what they set out to do throughout these years. “Our mission is to empower black women and to empower black people in general. We specifically  focus on black women as we are black women ourselves, and that’s why we have come out with KINK, so that we can contrast some of the discrimination that is in the natural scene. We want to make sure it stays about the black women.”

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While the ladies are currently running their own social media empire, they’ve decided to branch out into the literary world with their self-published book KINK, a book that combines powerful photography and uplifting poetry to inspire black women.


“Working on this book was such a challenge, but the highlight for me was doing the photo shoot and seeing these women build their confidence in front of the camera,” enthused Tri. “It was such an empowering day to shoot them, and it resulted in some beautiful imagery.”

We talk about texture discrimination and black beauty candidly on our blog and online. So how weird would it be to produce a book that isn’t genuine? It would be a total contradiction,” says Jay.

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- Issa Rae

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