TROPICAL EURASIA is registered in England and Wales as a Private Limited Company with the Companies House. TROPICAL EURASIA is a full education agent service, introducing local and international students to UK based institutions and assisting with all aspects of admission and enrolment. Our unique business model combines traditional agent methods with the latest web based technologies to reach and engage with international students around the world. We work with accredited UK education providers who need to recruit local and international students to their courses. Our projected portfolio will cover the entire spectrum of education provision, including academic, vocational, professional and English language courses.

Curlture is a platform that we've built over the last 4 years to empower the black community.  We come across a variety of people; those who want to start business and don't have the tools or knowledge, or those who want to take their life in a different direction. 

We wondered how we could expand our involvement surrounding empowerment within the black community and so we are introducing to you all an opportunity that can change your life and that of the future generation. 

We're teaming up Tropical Eurasia in partnership with Working Action Group to offer you all affordable University Education including Bachelors masters or various other degrees.

This opportunity is in partnership with 10 UK universities and spans subjects like Business, Marketing, Computing, Travel and Tourism, Drama and Music and more.  Enrol now to find out if you are entitled to financial support up to £25k.

The opportunity is open to individuals from the age of 18 to 60. 

University Examples

University helped develop my tenacity to learn new things, be diligent and  professional.  It also helped me put a good foot forward when seeking employment.  

              - Jay

During university I developed professional connections which has helped  give me a strong foundation in the industry I wanted to pursue.  My university degree pointed us in the direction of our first platform for Curlture.  Then blog, now business. 

              - Tri

Contact Juliet Lopez below to apply and learn more. 

Juliet Lopez

Action for Eductation, Working Action Group

"Working Action Group is working in partnership with Tropical Eurasia to 

allow everyone to have an equal opportunity to gain an education in an area of their choice."

If you're interested in learning more, call Juliet on 0345 055 9859 or e-mail below. 

- Issa Rae

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